13 May 2012

Phantasy Star Portable 2 02

A Ship...
Then, we are heading off!
The star-shaped Transporter, will take Aver to his ship.
Now, to try the Transporter, and see what we will travel on.
Transported right aboard the ship; there are computer panels aligned in half a circle; since this is, a spaceship, expect to see lots of stars...
The ship belongs to Little Wing; and we'll be riding from one destination to another, taking missions, and then returning with results...
After guiding Aver to the ship's bridge, Emilia wants to know, what's Aver's deal with Mika and the Ancients...
Rather, gonna ask Emilia about Ancients; since Mika isn't known to Emilia.
Yes Emilia, one Ancient is within...
Aver made Emilia mad again; the conversation with Mika continues to haunt him; and about our mission?
First things first, Emilia gives Aver her partner card; with the partner card added, Emilia and Aver can officially journey together, or just complete missions together.
Emilia states, that she is in charge of the party, since her time spent with the company is the longest; okay...
Great, Emilia is already tired; can we start the mission already?
Yeah, safe; until we're safe, we're fine; is that our motto?
Say what; Emilia wants to add something...
Emilia appreciates Aver's help at the Relic Site; it was easier to escape together; though, she thinks it was a dream; although, it was real.
Chelsea finished registering our portfolios, and thus granting us access to the terminal.
In the centre of the ship's bridge, lies the mission terminal.
Also, a member of Little Wing, can remodel his room at the company; remodeling the room: more furniture, or more space?
Two missions are immediately available: Undersea Ruins, and Plains Overlord.
Overlord; sounds like a mission with a tough fight.
We are on Clad 6, it's an open colony for resort purposes, has shops and hotels.
Clad 6 also features a battle simulator; the size of the Clad 6 colony is massive, like a giant moon; and the colony's shape, is like a wheel; two wheels, and they rotate in opposite directions.
The Clad 6 has some buildings on the sides, while the centre of it has its longest building, that's shaped like a ship.
Parum is the Planet we are granted access to; the Planet is full of water, and its mainly inhabitants are Casts; the Planet had gone through a 500 year war...
Moatoob is a Planet, which is forbidden, as it is inhabited by very powerful beasts.
Moatoob is also a lavish place, for natural resources.
Neudaiz is a Planet populated by Newmans, who follow the Communion of Gurhal; this Planet has many vast plains, and oceans.
The mission with the ruins will be taken first; for a warm-up.
Missions are ranked from C to S.
Seabed Relic Site, rank C...
Emilia and Aver began exploring, with their light swords drawn; green sword is Aver's, and the blue one is Emilia's.
Fish-like monsters inhabit the Underwater Site.
Evade takes up as much stamina as a special attack; of course attacking is more useful in a fight, if monsters aren't too powerful.
Constant streams of azure waterfalls surround us; pleasant to the eye; we'll clear this place of monsters!
Vulgatus monsters, are like giant bugs; a rhino type!
The flow, it's everywhere...
Emilia keeps healing Aver's injuries; should keep her safe from monsters...
Sector two!
There are plenty of walking shark-like monsters with blades; they can make long and very quick jumps, to slash their prey.
Hm; Emilia is serious, when she is fighting.
Emilia carries three weapons; she usually fights with a light sword and a gun combination, or casts magic with a staff.
Aver however, uses a large shield and a light sword, or a huge two-handed light saber.
Aver got attacks covered!
Walking to sides, aiming the strike...
And monsters usually appear in packs of four.
And why the key was left in front of a lock; so we can open it?!
Sector three!
A challenge completed, and a PA Fragment is obtained.
And we are back to our ship's bridge; and Emilia immediately got a call!
A tab?
If it was the Boss; why call Emilia with his tab?
The Boss spends too much time at the bars; the Boss is Emilia's guardian; lucky for her, or not...
Emilia was re-invited to the team, because then her experience increases; training only on her own...
We'll be needing all our might on the next mission; definitely!
Hm, maybe should follow Emilia to the Boss; and can visit the shops on the way too.
Also to note, that there is a new mission Sleeping Warriors, that has become available.
A Cafe!
An attendant at the Cafe pointing out the Item Trader...
Clients at this Cafe, are looking for people, who can get the job done.
The Salon, to work on thy appearance...
Room decorations are also sold at the Style Shop.
A single module, can increase the shields, or weapons potential by up to four times; the module can be used and reused; using the same module on the same weapon four times, will increase it four times!
Partner Characters can give presents, if we complete plenty of missions together...
Aver will raise his health, at the Type counter, to last longer in battle.
The Moon Atomizer Item is quite helpful, can revive allies with it; and for now, it's rare to find.
All that is needed for a weapon upgrade, is Meseta!
These are some cheap upgrades; one of the cheapest things to do for a beginner, is to upgrade his weapons!
The Shields, can be upgraded too; shouldn't carry too many weapons, or upgrading them all would be very costly indeed.
Well, the round trip through the shops is over, and now it's better to speak to Emilia...
Something is wrong, hm...
Probably the Boss talked about work again; and what's Emilia's dream job?
Emilia wasn't thinking about work; she always did what she was told; a little harsh...
Emilia doesn't even have her own room; not to mention, she has to do all the housework, since the Boss doesn't do any!
A place to hide for Emilia; it's Aver's room; when things get carried away, in relationship to the Boss.
What the Boss will gonna say?
The News...
The new subspace generator is complete and ready to begin operating on Parum.
Natsume Shu was leading the project; he is the pioneer of subspace research.
The Corporation representatives, and the Military officials, were witnessing the opening ceremony for the generator.
The manned flights, as well as the depletion of natural resources, will be the key areas of research, for researchers at the generator facility.
News are over; and Chelsea wanted to hear more...
About Skyclad; well, it's hard to fit everything into one short broadcast...
The News did mention Corporations; does this count as Skyclad?
And the Boss' name is Kraz.
Emelia is pushing the receipt issue on the Boss; Kraz thinks it's alright; not worried about his bills one bit.
Kraz quickly changes the subject, on a job he has prepared for us.
Aver and Emilia would need to track down someone; and it's urgent!
A missing person...
Money should be collected, because Kraz gave a loan, and he can't find the person to whom he has loaned the money to; whatever, a job from Kraz, from the Boss...
Would need to track down, a fifty-one year old male beast, named Wurley Kokov.
Wurley's ship was sighted in the Crodog region of Moatoob; a remote region...
To be a receptionist, should learn how to smile, in every situation, and in every mood!
Chelsea enjoys her job, tending to customers.